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What is Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder?

Women who have recently given birth can experience depression, anxiety, extreme mood changes, increased irritability, lack of sleep, lack of interest in her new baby, extreme worrying and inability to care for herself.  In more severe cases, a new mom may be experiencing distressing thoughts about harming herself or her child. 

How long do these symptoms last?

Many women experience "Baby Blues" soon after having a child, and these symptoms tend to last 2 weeks.  Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder (also known as Postpartum Depression and Anxiety) may occur within the first year after the birth of their child, and causes significant distress for much longer than 2 weeks.  Research shows that new dads, partners and adoptive parents may also experience similar symptoms as well.

Treatment is available.

Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder is treatable, and with time and appropriate support you can feel better.  Suggested treatment includes psychotherapy, talk therapy, self-care, mindfulness and possibly medication.

How We can help.

We offer a calm, nurturing and comfortable setting, either in office or online sessions.  During the first session, each new mom is presented with a journal in order to encourage self-reflection and  for keeping track of thoughts and feelings during the treatment process.  New moms are welcome to bring their infant or lap child to sessions.  Feel free to contact us today for additional information.

Support Services  Provided For The Following:

  • Postpartum Depression, Anxiety or OCD

  • Postpartum Psychosis

  • Infertility

  • Birth Trauma

  • Attachment with Baby

  • NICU 

  • Care for Spouse/Partner

  • Adoption

  • Abortion

  • Grief and Loss


Edinburgh Postpartum Depression Scale available here.

NorthShore MOMS Line
1-866-364-MOMS (866-364-6667)



In the event of an immediate emergency, please head to your nearest Emergency Department or call 911.

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