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Fall leaves
Walk and Talk Therapy
Walk and Talk Therapy is a fun way to incorporate traditional talk therapy while enjoying the outdoors.  Many people enjoy having the opportunity to process their thoughts while enjoying a relaxing outdoor setting.  Walking brings many beneficial physical and mental health benefits,  though primary focus will continue to be mindfulness and increase in general well being.
Where We Meet
There are several parks close to my main office in Downtown Naperville, or you can request a location closer to you.   Session time and place will be confirmed at least 24 hours prior to meeting. 
Additional Information:
  • This is not a workout session, and does not require strenuous effort.  There will be no focus on weight loss or counting steps.  These sessions will be comfortable, leisurely walks with several opportunities to pause and sit if needed.
  • Sessions are similar to in office sessions in length and cost.  Insurance or out of pocket payments are accepted.
  • Online or in office sessions will be offered in the case of inclement weather.
Feel free to call and set up your session today.  
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